kim(po) ∙ 22 ∙ mainly bandori, bsd, p3/5, & pkmn
no, YOU live in a society; i live under a hill of all my WIPs & untouched ideas


  • if u wanna know more abt my bullshittery ur in the right place

  • feel free to call me kim or kimpo it doesnt rly matter

  • taurus rising / aquarius sun / pisces moon

  • ambivert/outgoing introvert

  • hina hikawa is just a callout post abt me damn bushi just @ me next time

  • the actual CEO of hina hikawa & aya/hina

  • i run on turbo adhd im so sorry in advance

  • im a pretty simple and straightforward person

  • i like to make ppl question their friendship with me

  • my favorite pokemon is chandelure and my favorite type is ghost! i also like the water, fairy, and fire types

  • i'm learning japanese! so far all i know how to do is read hiragana, some katakana, form basic sentences, recognize some kanji, and cry

  • i like to write when i can actually calm down and do it which is almost never so most of the time my writings just tend to be notes i wrote down and forgot about

  • i like to cook and bake when i can! my favorite foods are strawberries and sweets, especially dark chocolate

  • my favorite music genres are rock and metal. i also listen to electronic and pop

  • i like reading about the supernatural and paranormal and stuff like it but i dont rly believe in it

  • i get constantly berated for dropping a danish pastry on the floor and still eating it

  • if u like tsuritama please message me i beg of u i want to find at least one other fan bc i feel like im the last tsuritama fan on earth please im desperate ill give up my firstborn ple






favorite shippings



  • aya/hina (otp)

  • aya/eve

  • hina/maya

  • chisato/kaoru

  • chisato/kanon

  • rinko/sayo

  • sayo/lisa

  • hina/kokoro

  • hina/kaoru

  • maya/kaoru

  • misaki/kokoro

  • kasumi/arisa

  • kasumi/yukina

  • kasumi/rimi

  • kasumi/hagumi

  • hagumi/misaki

  • yukina/rinko

  • yukina/ran

  • tsugumi/moca

  • tsugumi/ran


bungo stray dogs

  • chuuya/dazai

  • ranpo/poe

  • atsushi/lucy

  • atsushi/jun

  • ranpo/yosano

  • kunikida/dazai



  • minato/ryoji

  • minako/ryoji

  • yosuke/yu

  • joker/haru

  • futaba/yusuke

  • yusuke/joker


fire emblem

  • mae/boey

  • finn/lachesis

  • felix/sylvain

  • ephraim/l'arachel

  • eirika/seth

  • ephraim/lyon

  • ephraim/innes

  • eirika/l'arachel

  • felix/annette

  • raven/lucius

  • sakura/leo

  • hilda/marianne



  • marisa/alice

  • maribel/renko

  • marisa/reimu

  • marisa/patchuoli

  • yuyuko/yukari

  • mokou/keine

  • mokou/kaguya



  • chika/dia (love live)

  • may & drew/contestshipping (pkmn)

  • neku/shiki (twewy)

  • athena/apollo, phoenix/edgeworth, mia/godot (ace attorney)

  • makoto/kyouko, hajime/chiaki, shuichi/kaede, shuichi/kaito, kaito/maki, aoi/sakura, komaru/touko, tenko/himiko (danganronpa)

  • sandalphon/lucifer (granblue fantasy)



  • i have high-functioning autism, adhd, & social anxiety, so if i do something weird, please do let me know!

  • im not rly spoiler-free, sorry

  • i tend to rt/like most of the time but i also post bad tweets or interact with people

  • i don't always look at my timeline so please dont get the wrong idea and think i dont care!

  • i don't care if you don't like any of my favorites, but incessant bashing/negativity may irritate me. likewise, i try to keep my own negativity to a minimum

  • i don't like engaging in drama/discourse

  • i dont tend to be nsfw. the most nsfw i get is reblogging signal boosts of stuff that are of that nature. if that makes you uncomfortable, then dont follow



  • you support onision or amber heard. i'll just block you

  • you follow basic criteria (pedophile/MAP, incestuous, racist, homphobic, transphobic/terf, ableist, anti-vaxxer, etc)

  • you're just going to vaguepost/subtweet/call me out if i do something "problematic" without talking to me abt it first. i don't have the drive to deal with that

  • you are an 18+ account